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Frequently asked questions

1. About us
Aquarium de Paris - Cinéaqua is located in place of the old Trocadero Aquarium which was built for the Exposition Universelle (Paris World's Fair) of 1878. Back then, this aquarium was the largest in Europe. It was closed in 1985 for security reasons. L'Aquarium de Paris opened in May 2006. We offer our visitors the opportunity to travel through the French coasts and overseas.We have a gallery of more than 10,000 fish and invertebrates and our stars include : 25 sharks of 4 different species ! Discover the largest tank in France with its 3 million liters of water
2. Opening Days and Hours ?
Open daily from 10am to 19pm. Last entry 1 hour prior to closing. Closed on July 14th. Open on public holidays.
3. Can we have lunch on the spot ?
Yes, it is possible to have lunch on the spot. The cafeteria offers :
Formula breakfast
Formula lunch
Formula snack
4. what kind of specimens can we find ?
Discover over 10,000 fish and invertebrates including 25 sharks of 4 different species (Black Tips, Nurse, Zebras and Gray) that encirculate with hundreds of tropical fish. Do not miss seahorses, puffer fish, fish, cows, octopus, angelfish, butterfly fish & many others.
5. Where do the fish come from ?
The fish come from the French coasts and DOM-TOM (French overseas departments and territories). English Channel, Atlantic ocean, Mediterranean Sea, Caledonia lagoon, reefs of French Polynesia ...

You will find below the names of some specimens and their location :
SEINE : Carp, Roach, Chub, Minnow, Sturgeon... .
ENGLISH CHANEL, ATLANTIC OCEAN : Mackerel, bass, sea bream, lobster... .
MEDITERRANEAN SEA : Grouper, Sars, Moray, salema... .
NEW CALEDONIA : Balloon Fish, Triggerfish... .
FRENCH POLYNESIA (Tahiti) : Corals, sapphire devil... .
CARAIBEAN (Guadeloupe, Martinique) : Butterfly fish, surgeonfish... .
NORTH SEA (Dunkerque) : fish saithe, dogfish... .
GUYANA : Piranha, angelfish, tetra... .
6. What does the Aquarium de Paris - Cinéaqua offer you ?
We suggest exploring the French coast on a trip around the metropolitan coast and overseas. You can enjoy a wide range of fish representing 450 different species. Starting at "les jardins du Trocadero" (Trocadero gardens), dive headfirst in the wave and enter in the bowels of the underground place.

Over a distance of 3500m ², you set off to see more than 10,000 specimens of fish and invertebrates in 43 basins. No small achievement for an aquarium that is located on the podium of the capital, opposite the Eiffel Tower, and whose imposing figures impresses. In addition to the 500 corals, two movie theaters and 20 tons of salt needed to fuel tanks of sea water, you will find the largest tank in France. With 3 million liters of water, the shark tank is unmatched in the country. 9.60 m high and 33m wide, it contains four species: the nurse sharks, black tips, gray and zebras and hosts more tropical fish than you could ever count.

In addition, the aquarium Paris-Cinéaqua, invites you to experience an eventful day with a full program of recreational and educational activities that are renewed regularly, workshops (for children), films and shows. (See the current program).
Which in itself is a real experience for young and old.
7. Where can we drop off our belongings (bag, jacket ...) ?
For your convenience, you can drop your bags, coats in the cloak room which is located in the reception. The cloak room is free, so enjoy.
8. How can I buy a ticket ?
Tickets can be purchased in advance on our website or purchased directly at the cashier of l'Aquarium de Paris-Cinéaqua on the day of your visit.
9. How long does a visit usually take ?
Your ticket is valid all day allowing you to access a complete program : recreational and educational activities, workshops, films and shows. You can manage your time as you see fit. L'Aquarium de Paris - Cinéaqua has a cafe where you can take a break, relax, and have lunch or a snack. It is located in the heart of "les jardins du Trocadero" (Trocadero gardens) so you can get exit the aquarium for a picnic and then return. The tour lasts about 1:30. Count about 1:30 for movies. The entertainment last 10 to 30 minutes each. The shows last between 20 and 45 minutes.
10. How many liters of water does your aquarium holds ?
There are 4 million liters of seawater, including 3 million in the shark tank and the water temperature varies between 15 ° and 25 ° C .
11. Can we feed the fish ?
Yes, your children will be especially pleased by the basin where they can caress, touch and feed our Koi fish and other goldfish. The fish feeding animation occurs near the caress basin and takes about 10 minutes. For specific times, please refer to the current program.
12. Can i pay with chèques cultures or chèques vacances ?
Yes, Aquarium de Paris accepts : Chèques cultures, Chèque Vacances, Ticket compliments, Ticket Culture, Ticket restaurant, Best Culture, Chèque Tir groupé.
13. What are the payment methods accepted ?
The Aquarium accepts the payement by : Euros, credit card, bank check French.
14. Can we picnic in the Aquarium ?
It is strictly forbidden to picnic inside the aquarium. However, you will find a cafeteria "Zen - Café" where you can eat. The aquarium is located in the "les jardins du Trocadero" (Trocadero gardens) so you can picnic outside and return to continue your visit. Don't forget to get your hand stamped!
15. Can we come with our pet ?
For the well being of our visitors and our fish, we do not accept animals in the aquarium.
This measure was forced on us by the decree of March 25, 2004, published in the Official Journal of April 1, 2004. This Order establishes the general rules of zoological institutions facilities to fixed and permanent character, presenting the public with live specimens of local wildlife or foreign and under heading 2140 of the nomenclature of classified installations for environmental protection.

Article 13 of this Order relates more particularly to our canine friends :
« Animals must be protected from predatory animals foreign to the institution.They should not be disturbed or excited by foreign animals to the institution.»

The only animals we can accept are dogs accompanying visually impaired.
16. Can we buy souvenirs ?
We offer a souvenir shop open the same hours as the aquarium.
17. Is there a place where we can change baby ?
Yes, in the restroom of the space LOUNGE we have a changing table for your well being.
18. Is the site accessible to people with reduced mobility or stroller ?
Yes, the Aquarium is fully accessible to people with special needs through its elevators and its tour circuit gently sloping.
19. Can we dive with sharks ?
Unfortunately, it is not possible to dive with sharks for safety and hygiene reasons. Indeed, trainers and divers from Aquarium de Paris Cinéaqua must respect different standards to scuba dive with sharks. To swim with sharks, you need a degree : Class 1B diver.
20. Can we take pictures or film in the Aquarium ?
Cameras and camcorders are allowed during the visit. However, for the welfare of animals, the flash is prohibited.
21. Are there any special instructions to convey to students before the visit ?
Yes. To respect animal life, do not bang on the windows. In order to avoid disturbing other visitors, please don't run or scream in the showrooms. Students must avoid falling apart and should stay within sight of accompanying adults.
22. Do you accept pass éducation ?
Unfortunately we do not. The aquarium is a private site and is not part of the Pass Education reserved for museums and national monuments. We receive teachers at a pre-visit by appointment, after booking a visit or a workshop for a class. For more information, please contact Charlotte PINAULT : +33 1 . or by email : info@cineaqua.fr.
23. Do you offer guided tours ?
We offer guided tours for groups. To learn more about our marine life and deepen your knowledge. For a reservation, please contact us at +33

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